Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Hiwi The Kiwi

Monday morning, which means that we are going fishing in Fouveax strait. The forecast is good but there's a good chance it'll change.
It's preparation time, we've got the life jackets, the ruler and the flare but it feels like we're missing a few things. Ah that's right the salt water beacon the salted ice and the smoke canister.Finally we can leave the Bluff Harbour.
We found the perfect spot anchored set the rods up all that was left was to wait. We got a bite it was a blue cod, it was a big one and weighed a lot so we put it back.
It's starting to cloud over so we packed the gear up and pulled up the anchor and set off. Big waves started to roll in. Then a big wave hit us and I knew we were going to capsize! And I was right, but luckily all the safety equipment was working and in a couple of minutes the rescue helicopter arrived.
The end

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